Who We Are

Our starting point and goal is to maximize results through the development and mastery of human element.

The Human element is one of the most crucial challenge corporations of all sizes encounter nowadays in the context of their activity. Capitalism at the start of the 21st century is based on a communication system virtually unknown just 15 years ago. The appearance of powerful internal but unofficial human networks outside the direct control of the top management is changing the focus towards the human component as one of the major strength or weakness of a corporation, and a powerful factor of success and profitability.

A growing number of visionary leaders all over the world have already geared their priorities towards the development of the creative potentials of their employees within an existing structure, creating strong but flexible human communities, better equipped to realise their objectives.

It is in this context that we articulate our approach around 2 major directions:

Learning and development of outer skills (modelling excellence)

Discovery and release of inner power (powerful mindset and beliefs)

Our programs effectiveness relies in the application of a double and concurrent learning methodology, at the intellectual and rational level as well as the unconscious and body level. We have witnessed through experience that lasting change only happens when mental learning is incorporated at the physical level, resulting in an unshakable inner alignment. All our programmes therefore include a physical aspect, the most dramatic being of course our “Glasswalk Experience” which includes a walk over razor sharp pieces of broken glass, or the “Fires of excellence” which includes a Firewalk.

We work with clients both in a group setting, and on a one-to-one basis, using assessment tools which bring to the forefront deep seated patterns of behaviours, coupled with some of the most effective cognitive techniques in existence today, and powerful physical tools to resolve unwanted patterns and create a positive shift and sustained focus.

Clients come to us with different cultures and values, different issues and different goals. We strive to provide tailor-made solutions rather than standard programmes. Therefore, it would be meaningless to provide a list of the corporate programmes we propose on this website.

We meet with you, listen to you, and come back to you with some remedial proposals. That’s how we function with our corporate clients. Some of the themes we have worked on with clients are: how to create indestructible bonds in a team, boost motivation for top performers, exponentially improve sales effectiveness, getting results in communication (negotiation, persuasion), the meaning of leadership, maximise effectiveness in public presentations, as well as a number of “train the trainers” programmes to implement in-house training strategies within your HR department for the longer term.

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