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Coaching students have been asking us about the Astro Tools for Coaching that we use. So we’ve listened, and the Astro Coach Academy eCourse is coming up soon.

There’s a lot of ways we can use an astrological chart. Most people think of astrology as fortune telling, which it’s NOT. A little known fact: Karl Jung used to draw a chart for each of his clients. Used skillfully, a chart will indicate a lot of hidden potentials and possible challenges, it’s a very powerful tool to know oneself better, and for a coach, to assist and empower their clients, especially in moments of change of direction. An Astro Coach does not predict but questions, does not impose but propose.

The website in online, taking up contact details before the eCourse goes online later in the year. Registered users will receive emails with articles and tips.

So if you are interested, go to the website (or copy and paste in your browser) and enter your full name and email address to subscribe to the email list. We will also have some live and online free presentations for registered users. Oh! And one more thing, please visit our Facebook page at!/pages/Astro-Coach-Academy/144565975577483?ref=sgm and click the like button (we need 25 users to be able to get a DECENT web address for the page!) Or you can also click the LIKE button on the Astro Coaching Academy website.

Astrologically Yours!

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