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New Goals for the New Year

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This is THE time of the year again! Looking back on what happened in 2009, good resolutions and new goals for 2010.
Here are a few things you’ll want to know to set goals THAT WORK for 2010. Remember, your Unconscious Mind is the goal getter and it needs precision, so read on.

When you set them, make sure your goals are SMART:

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You may not know, but the 20th Century had its very own Merlin the Wizard.

His name was Milton Erickson, Dr. Milton Erickson. Dr. Erickson was a trained medical doctor and a hypnotherapist who had absolutely prodigious results with his patients.

The funny thing is: everyone thought that Erickson was a nice old man who said funny things. He would speak to his clients about tomatoes and their problems would disappear! But then videotapes were invented, and people started to realise what Dr. Erickson was doing. There are many things we learned about communication from Dr. Erickson (I will reveal what in subsequent articles), and what I want to focus on today is his most astonishing observation skill.

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Think Like a Fortune 500 CEO

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How to:
  • Think like a Fortune 500 CEO
  • Problem solve the easy way
  • Beat overwhelm
  • Time manage effectively
  • Overcome dyslexia
  • and more.
Want to know more?
Watch the 15mn Video.
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The One Step To Successful Negotiation & Problem Solving

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Negotiation is the process of getting into Agreement. Problem-Solving requires what’s commonly called Lateral Thinking.┬áHere are THE two secrets that will make both processes easy and smooth, and that will bring results every time!

It has to do with our ability to think at different logical levels. It’s very simple, and it goes like this:

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How NOT to go Bananas

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Sometimes, misunderstanding arises when we do not understand other people’s map of the world, or in other words, when we cannot put ourselves in their shoes.

Each person reacts to the other, the situation escalates, emotions intensify, and the chance of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement disappears in a puff of smoke.

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