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Hypnotic Language Patterns

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We’ve just posted an article on Ericksonian Hypnotic patterns on the MasterMinds NLP Tutorial public blog.

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This is an interesting and very effective mix of Elman induction with permissive language. Can you spot the Milton Model linguistic patterns?

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Where It All Comes From

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Have you ever wondered who beats your heart, who flows your blood, who keeps you breathing when you sleep?

What’s your phone number? Most people can answer this question without blinking. But where does the information come from? You don’t have to consciously remember your phone number all the time. The information goes out of your awareness until you need it, at which time, you can usually easily retrieve it.

How do you get in and out of a room? Through the door. How do you know how to operate it? Because you learned. Not only that, you learned once, and now you know how to open ALL doors, not only the one you learned with. Where is that knowledge stored? Do you even have to think about all the necessary steps to open a door? Probably not! You could open a dorr while thinking about something totally different.

The unconscious mind is that part of us that we are not conscious about, i.e we don’t have the faintest idea that it’s even here! But, as the immersed part of the iceberg, it is monumental. All our behaviours have their source at the unconscious level.

If you are over 30 years old, watch the 4 seconds video below (a very funny illustration of this). If you are below 30, don’t bother, you probably won’t get it.

The solution to many of the issues that bother us is to increase communication between the conscious/rational mind, and the unconscious.

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A Rabbi teaches his disciple. “Two men go down a chimney at the same time. One comes out completely clean, the other one dirty. Which one goes to wash himself?” The disciple looks at the Rabbi, thinks for a minute, then says: “the dirty one.” “Not at all!” says the Rabbi. “The dirty one, looking at his clean friend, thinks he is clean as well. The clean one, seeing that his friend is so dirty, concludes that he must be dirty as well and goes to wash.”

“Let me ask you another question” says the Rabbi. “Two men go down a chimney at the same time. One gets to the bottom completely clean, the other one dirty. Which one goes to wash himself?” The disciple looks at the Rabbi, totally puzzled: “You just told me! The clean one!” “Not at all!” replies the Rabbi. “The two men look t themselves, and the dirty one goes to wash.”

“Now one more question” says the Rabbi. “Two men go down a chimney at the same time. One gets to the bottom completely clean, the other one dirty. Which one goes to wash himself?” The disciple is lost: “I do not know, depending on your point of view, either or?” “Of course not!” says the Rabbi, “how can two men go down a chimney at the same time and only one of them remain clean? They are both dirty and go to wash themselves.”

Often, the solution to problems depends on the point of view we adopt. A problem-solving coaching style will promote the client’s ability to get out of his/her usual model of the world.

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Why do we feel unhappy?

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This is a vast question, and many answers have been proposed. In 1957 Karl Jung hinted one possible answer in his book “The Undiscovered Self”. The Conscious Mind (that part of us which is rational, speaks in words and which we are aware of) takes us away from experience. The dissociation between the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind (that vast, symbolic part of us which … you are not conscious of right now, but which contains the programmes behind our behaviours) is at the root of many human problems.

The logic of the Conscious Mind dissociates us from reality itself. The Conscious Mind attaches labels to reality and we become identified to labels, by the same token, restricting our flexibility and emotional and mental freedom. Example: I hate my job, but it pays well. Rationally, there is no reason to feel miserable, but I do. All the rational reasons (Conscious Mind) are here to be happy but emotionally, spiritually, (Unconscious Mind) I am not.

Hypnosis bypasses the critical faculty of the Conscious Mind to work directly at the unconscious, symbolic level by giving suggestions to the Unconscious Mind; if the Conscious Mind is the goal setter, the Unconscious Mind is the goal getter; when the two are aligned, we function at top performance; hence the effectiveness of Hypnotic suggestion in times of stress and confusion.

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