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Perspective is Everything

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The circumstances of our lives may matter less than how we see them, says Rory Sutherland in this TedX video.

Now the problem is, when you can’t smoke, if you stand and stare out of the window on your own, you’re an antisocial, friendless idiot. If you stand and stare out of the window on your own with a cigarette, you’re a fucking philosopher.

So the power of reframing things cannot be overstated. What we have is exactly the same thing, the same activity, but one of them makes you feel great and the other one, with just a small change of posture, makes you feel terrible. And I think one of the problems with classical economics is it’s absolutely preoccupied with reality. And reality isn’t a particularly good guide to human happiness.” Read More→


Switch-Position MP3

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Click below to listen to the Switch-Position exercise.


Is that useful for you? Please leave me a comment below!


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How NOT to go Bananas

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Sometimes, misunderstanding arises when we do not understand other people’s map of the world, or in other words, when we cannot put ourselves in their shoes.

Each person reacts to the other, the situation escalates, emotions intensify, and the chance of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement disappears in a puff of smoke.

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What’s “Impossible”?

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A few days ago, I had an interesting conversation with a friend who “refused to believe” (his words) that someone could walk over red hot fire coals unharmed. “Prove to me that it is possible!” he said. The fact that I have seen people firewalking unharmed thousands of time, was not a proof. “It is impossible”.

So what is “impossible” really?

Over 2000 years ago, the philosopher Zeno of Greece proved mathematically that it is impossible to cross a river. The argument was as follow: “the distance between one bank of the river and the other is made of an infinite amount of points. It takes an infinite amount of time to cross an infinite amount of points. Therefore it is impossible to cross a river” (I guess most of you didn’t know that it is impossible to cross a river, did you?)

We had to wait 2000 years and the advent of Calculus to show mathematically that an infinite amount of points can be crossed in a finite amount of time. Suddenly, in a split second, the impossible became possible (phew!)

Professor Stephen Hawking, the father of several key scientific discoveries in the field of cosmology and physics said: “It does not mean it is impossible. Only that our understanding is incomplete“.

Conclusion 1 is a question: How can I translate this in my life?

Conclusion 2: As Paul Watzlawick used to say, emotional health comes from growth, not healing.

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Is Logic Logical

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Often, the solution to our problems lies in the ability to see things from a different point of view.

Something to contemplate (from the philosopher Wittgenstein):

We are tempted to think that because we know 1, we know 2 because 1 and 1 equal 2; but we forgot to look at the “and”. If you combine 1 litre of alcohol and 1 litre of water you do not get 2 litres (try it, you’ll see)!

Think! In people, when 1+1 equal more than 2, it is called synergy! When it is less, conflict!

In what ways can you make 1+1 more than 2, in your personal life, business, health?

Expand your point of view!

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