The Scientific Nature of Consciousness


Susan Blackmore is dedicated to understanding the scientific nature of consciousness. Her latest work centers on the existence of memes — little bits of knowledge, lore, habit that seem to spread themselves using human brains as mere carriers. She’s exploring the existence of a new class of meme, spread by human technology. It’s temporarily named the “teme.”

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If ‘Memes’ are ideas, habits, attitudes, knowledge … ‘vMemes’ are their container, the way we think about Memes. These vMemes are the foundation of our values, what we hold true, important, which we are not conscious about, and which drive ALL our actions and thoughts.

To learn more, discover your and other people’s vMemes, understand what deeply motivates people, and improve communication and therefore effectiveness, register for the ‘Thinking Styles’ week end course (which includes 3 online assessments, free if you sign up before the deadline). Click HERE and select “Thinking Styles” course in the schedule of workshops. This course is a must if you work with people (coach, HR management, trainer, recruiter, educator…)

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