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Psychological astrology looks at a zodiac chart to discover potentials, talents and challenges that are hidden in our psyche or, to use a NLP & Hypnosis vocabulary, our unconscious mind.

Unlike traditional astrology, psychological astrology does not make predictions. Why? because we believe that to a large degree, we create our own reality, and therefore have the power to influence the unfolding of our own life.

How? By constantly filtering our experience through our own unconscious maps. Some information is deleted, some information is allowed to come in and register in our consciousness. The choice is made outside of our awareness. The meaning we give to the world, to people and situations results from this filtering process.

The information that is allowed in becomes our ‘focus’.

Predictions, when made by someone we consider as an authority in their field, whom we believe and respect (such as an astrologer), can often become self fulfilling prophecies. How? By installing what has been predicted as a point of focus for our conscious awareness. Once this is done, we literally look for it outside of us.

Example: Ms. X goes to see a fortune teller she considers an expert in his field (i.e. “he knows something that I don’t”). Every time she went to him he told her something that ‘was true’. This time, after a careful examination, he tells her that she should be careful this year, because there is a high probability that she will have an accident. Where does her mind focus after she comes out of her session? What is she unconsciously looking for in the outside world?

From our point of view, an astrological chart only shows psychological frames, not real life events. When used skilfully and within the context of a dialogue rather than by imposing knowledge onto a person, the chart becomes an invaluable tool to assist someone (or ourselves) to uncover part of our personalities that we are not aware of. In a way, it works in a similar fashion to a psychological or personality assessment.

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