In 2010, I am celebrating 20 years in Hong Kong. Things have changed so much and so quickly since I arrived from Paris where I was born. This is what has not ceased to amaze me here, the capacity to CHANGE, evolve, renew, transform, start again. There is a vibrancy in Hong Kong that I have not felt anywhere else in the world.

Change, evolve, transform, start again. How many of us went through times when they had to reinvent themselves, start again, become someone else? This is the main theme for this blog. Reinventing oneself is the staple food of the entrepreneur. Since I arrived in Asia, I have managed private portfolios, traded on the NASDAQ, managed businesses in fashion and cosmetics on 3 different continents, wrote a book on Chinese Nutrition, got certified as a yoga teacher, as a NLP trainer, a coach, studied Taoism, Qi Gong & Kung Fu and the art of reading astrological birth charts, performed on stage as a singer and dancer, became a Master Firewalk & Glasswalk trainer, learned hypnosis and different languages, raised two wonderful children… And that’s not all.

Five years ago, I created The MasterMinds. My aim then was to establish a network of experts who could offer trainings and experiences in “widening views of the world” if that makes sense. Rachel Carson, a marine biologist and writer who had the foresight in the 1950s to raise environmental issues, said “The Human race is challenged more than ever before, to demonstrate our mastery, not over nature, but of ourselves“.

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This blog is meant to be a place of exchange. The MasterMinds website can be found at The MasterMinds. There, you can discover what we do, and the services we propose. You can see the workshops we propose HERE On this blog, you will find all sorts of posts: scientific discoveries, coaching tips, recipes for health, articles on Advaita Vedanta, motivation, how our perceptions affect our beliefs, NLP, the Mind, the nervous system, how to change perspective etc… just to name a few. The aim is to propose solutions to some of the most common issues brought forward by our clients, but also to widen our perspectives, reach higher logical levels in our thinking, because from there, everyday problems tend to look more manageable and short term.

I would love to hear from you, read your comments to the posts, hear about your ideas, your current concerns, and what you would like to read about in the blog, what information you find valuable. In fact, feel free to propose some articles, start some discussions, share some stories and some inspiring quotes.